Begin The Waste-Treatment

Poem By Robert Sheridan

When I begin the
it brings out the smell
of body sewage so rancid
it brings back a fright
of contaminants from inside,
both runoff and hard type
it brings back a memory so very putrid.

I'm in the bathroom once more
sitting on the enamel throne
and pooping the down-kind
my butt is sore and aching
and my body is sweating
seems to be swaying
when it begins
its waste-treatment.

To live in the bathroom
has past all my other endeavors
except when that toilet tune
makes my nerves shutter
and then there is swearing
never eat onions again
and promising never
never to pass-gas again.

Phew! a moment divine
at present don't have to wipe my behind
what rapture serene
clouds of air freshener come along
to disperse the unbearable smell that I tasted
and now when I hear my family
their cursing was wasted
I know but too well what they mean.

Hopefully they won't have to
begin the waste-treatment
not have to eat chilies and poop out fire
or remain in their ass as a burning ember
not have to use a whole roll of toilet-paper
but rather let sleeping crap lie
like the runoff no one wants to remember
when they don't have to begin the waste-treatment.

Oh, God, don't let them begin the waste-treatment
don't make them pay for a poor diet
like I just did (blinded by the fumes)
nor have that piece that swings back and forth
and rock your butt off the seat
no more having your derriere go numb
then suddenly you're in hell again
when you once again begin the waste-treatment.


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Holy 'Crap'! ! That was funny :) Ivanna

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