Begining Of The World

Poem By inguruwattadewage pushpadewa

Beginning world with people starting doing sin the phrase prove by him blood
Although no one facing take him for doing hospitalization try to going road of blind
The names of noble one protecting status truth ounce upon time try to fight till end
Although it's may be brutal experience in the formality of blind

Getting some meaning of reality so hard for people step by step increasing population
They never listen to sound of dropping water never listen of blowing wind never sing melody of hymn
Among floating people romantic water laughing somebody with pleasure crying innocent somebody drowning in water all though the wind is murmur hymn
Once upon time hide with reality loving ancestors not to be strange thought from heart born

Without knowing distribute power ignorant someone hitting and killing people
Demolish somebody property gathering with blind one not strange crucifix loving one
Suffered own nation someone the joy with foe like all over nation where is protect scripture
Before return to salivation prince must be floating everybody till rough sea murmur some one

Sun Turn to black color every sea turn black color bowl of seven deposited protect from fire
The sole will purify from sin every planet went too far away separate from solar system earth pure
We loneliness with darkness knowing everybody reality with flying wings flare somebody whisper with love
Although they never see again without warmth tough finding road before coming end time

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wonderful words with full of meaning about sin. Superb Please rate and comment on my poems Thank you very much

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