Beginner's Guide To Ph

Well OK so your new,
that newness will likely fade quite soon.
Firstly this site is called PH
by old hands that, try to create
a poem that will.....scintillate.
When you 'post' a poem
please don't put on your stamp
and never use another's
or you're really in for trouble.
If at all possible, it would be best
if you could write something new
and stands the test
of cyber time.

If in the first minute
no one seems to have dipped in
to the poem you have penned
Its already gone. Buried in a storm
of frenzied poetic gems
that fell from keyboards, sometimes pens
and from the minds of them
whatever mind they're in....or out.
And an unwritten rule
do not post them in fives or tens.
It does rather seem to offend.
Any other rules that you might find
have most likely
long been left behind
and that one too!

When looking for inspiration
and bereft of words; in desperation
you could try the famous poets
listed below the daily flood
of new poems from, aspiring us.
Or better still log off,
relax, chill out, don't make a fuss,
the best poems find you
when in the shower
or shopping queue.

And if you are determined
to join in the other poets'
let's say...mindful spawnings
you can click on the tab
the one marked forum
and join the other poets as they chat;
about poems? Fat chance of that.
You can get weather reports
weather it's best to read that chap
or walking on burning hot coals
would be a much nicer way
to spend your poetic day,
or recipes for success?
No... just sweet desserts or party fest.
And if you have a strong view
on politics or global warming
you're sure to find some poets
that think your ideas appalling,
more than ready for a mauling.

And if your good
at cut and pasting
you can come and compete
with the best
that seem to rise very early...
and mostly in the west.

by David Taylor

Comments (8)

Just post it, David..and we will read it..I would like to believe that there are many people here in PH are kind..i love your piece..straight from the heart. God bless, Meggie
That is hilarious. And scarily accurate. t x
David thanks for a laugh perhaps never more welcome than today.
This is rather clever David, and filled with some poetically penned and very useful tips. My advice to any aspiring new poet is contact others by commenting on poems that appeal - you'll be surprised how many kindred souls you find. Thanks for this. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
This is so funny David, but also very cleverly put together. I hope a lot of new people read it, especially the bit about posting poems. ha! Thanks for the read it was great. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
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