here's my hand.
we were weaving through
the spring night air
but felt like summertime
felt like the beginning of my life
of a new time
of new friends and new love
of triumphs and understanding
of tears and laughter
smiles and embraces
shouts and cheers
pride and accomplishment.
the dreamy haze around us
was able to hold the second hand
and delay time for a few long moments
as i stared into another's eyes.
greens and purples glistened
flecks of gold peeking out
if you take the time to count, you can see that
each and every one was
when nothing else mattered
when i didn't miss a smile,
a memory, a photograph
the people who brought so much life
into ours
and changed us all
who taught us to respect and cherish
and that age is timeless
that personality is everything
and that happiness is key.

bonds formed before our eyes
but we were blind
blinded by the southern sun
and the opaque layer of nighttime
hovering over our heads.
as we look back
on these well spent hours
we wonder if they passed us by
too quickly
but i grabbed them tightly
and am still holding on
i don't know,
many eyes were seen sparkling
under the high sky lights
and dreams that had never been dreampt
came true.

by thamoula papayia

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