HN ( / Colombo / Sri Lanka)


Water surging into the house
our safe place
we never had doubts
it was a nightmare
we watched before our eyes
disbelief as the water did rise
into every crevice it did go
leaving devastation with ever flow
our eyes couldn't believe
we knew we couldn't leave
water gushing through the walls
it reminded me of Niagara Falls
The hurricane came and left its mark
but enlightment came after the dark

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Beautiful metaphors flowing with precision and feeling connecting nature with the human persona
Its little things like this that make life worth while but at the same time are to easily neglected or forgotten. Thank you for reminding me how lovely life can be. Your words really do capture the moment perfectly
Beautiful images you create with this poem. Melodious and refreshing. A lovely write.
Hemakumar, This is stunning....such a perfect scene for your reader to sit in to read these wonderful words..........lovely penned piece of writing '10' Cleanest dishes Jon
A lovely poem to brighten the spirits. Thank you Hemakumar for the spring vision.
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