Beginning Of Time

Poem By Lee Degnan

Surely I must have loved you
ever since the beginning of time
the planets shifted, the stars collided
ever since your eyes had captured mine

No doubt our souls have met before
a long, long time ago it seems
because as long as time can remember day or night
you were already there in my dreams

And it must have been that time was suspended
as my world was lifeless, yet to awaken
It had to have been the way you breathed life in
my barren world and made it 'heaven'

The way I know this as simple fact
is really quite easily explained, you see
a love so innate, my one true soulmate,
cannot, in a mortal lifetime, just come 'to be'

Surely the two of us were there that day
watching, when the world start turning
as sure as we'll meet again, after another lifetime's end,
our souls will find a new beginning

Comments about Beginning Of Time

Lee this is beautiful poem of love. The kind of love a lot of people dream about, but unfortunately never find. I have been lucky to have found mine. Top marks and thanks for sharing this beautiful poem my friend. David
This is a remarkably strong poem, based on a rather simple (and somewhat corny) sentiment. Starts off a little cliched, but in the end packs a pretty strong wallop. Nice work.
What a beautifully, heartwarm poem....I like this very much, Lee...Romance & best friends a life of loving doth make...Excellent crafting employed, young lass! ~ ~ ~
Wow, I love the last line of the 1st verse, really puts a mood on the poem, And 'It had to have been the way you breathed life in my barren world and made it 'heaven' 'AWSOME' Well done Lee, love as always, The other 'Lee'

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