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Beguiling Script

Spying me draped in a six yard ebony dream

In his eye flared a roguish irreverent gleam

So from afar he came gushing like a sprite

And enthused the dull, dry starry night

Which had till then been still and asleep

To be astir suddenly with passions to reap

She too joined in the new script now staged

Billowing and swelling in the wind’s rage

Fanning and whipping like mad at his will

Snaking around me tightly as if a-thrill

Suddenly slipping free, trying to escape

Revealing my bosom‘s glorious shape

As away she flew, caught her in time I did

Laughingly holding her in an unsteady grip

Then drawing close to demurely my modesty wrap

All around me to prevent any further mishap

But mischievously she sprung free in a blink

To trail out along with my flowing russet tendrils

Now flapping like wings, managing to entice

Together with the wind, her accomplice so alive

Both entrenched deep in a plot to all beguile;

So with a sigh and on my lips a glowing smile

Sank I on the cold granite steps as was writ

To dreamily savour the languid sensuous script…

by Apricot Dawn Lady

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