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Begums Gods-Cauchy3
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Begums Gods-Cauchy3

Begum gods…

Audit halls have snacks in boxes.
Shoulder wheels are governed gods.
Null again is pick begum.
Sultry TANTRA both are buds.

Kinds of loves are kinds of busts.
Offices decks are love guides.
Guide your swords to come and pull.
Other strokes have other uses.

Table nearby go to hells.
All remarks as all are sells.
Null to sell are trades to all.
Golden showers leveled last.

God begums will box the lights.
Darkness queens are Taiwan MAY.
Basic crowns are feather filled.
Self inflicted the loves are wants.

Written edited wrote in pairs.
Diana chokes are hard as daisy.
All are comes but bits are go.
Dip to lips as all are so.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---       

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