Begun To Not Undo

Begun to not undo.
That desire to have more than we need.
Believing to be entitled.
In a competition started to begin,
To leave very few satisfied.
Not just to participate.
But encouraged to win.
This battle over feeding,
Temporary whims.
This fight within us,
Has been a process established...
To ensure never ends.
No matter what it is wished to get.
The moment that is accomplished,
Something else appears...
Until remorse arrives.
Prioritized and then sought...
Worthy to complain about with others.
Who too have found it necessary.
To perceive themselves,
At a disadvantage.
If someone has what they don't.
With it then done to do,
To seek something special...
From what has been mass produced to market.
To not undo.
Today or anytime soon.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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