Three Magic Words

Knotted nerves wrecking
Waiting for phone to ring
That promised call
Not coming at all
Anxiety grew by minutes
Reasons piled to plug it
Excuses assumed, defended
Forgiveness spirit, tested

Waiting was so draining
Up and down steps pacing
Heartbeats racing
Knuckles cracking
Phone was still not ringing
Repeatedly, was self-asking
Why hasn't she called, oh why?
Youth-like impatience multiplied
Reasons unknown, futilely pried
Endlessly searched, the "whys"

The night tortoise-paced deep
Anxiety worn out he went to sleep
Few more hours, dawn breaking
He knew the truth was waiting!

As dawn broke, hyped-up, he called her
She answered, sounded a bit in a dither
Managed to explain her reason:
Father's in, it was inconvenient
Yet managed to gently whisper: I love you
Suddenly, strengthened, renewed
Joy-shaken, he confessed: I love you too.
Just three magic words
Made him reassured


by Paul Sebastian

Comments (4)

This poem comes across to me as a poem about a land of great diversities. Although people go about their daily activities regardless of who they are, they're behavior is what sets them apart from the rest.
To me it points out the differences between people, not depending on race, gender or all around looks, but by their behavior. Each person has their own behavior. And it's not only actions that determine the person but also they way the go about these actions.
the poem 'behavior' to me describes that the actions we choose to partake in can be the greatest determing factor of the remainder of our lives. bad choices lead down the wrong road, while the correct make your life easier and heading in the right direction to happiness.
Behavior is what defines a person in the world. Without expressing your purpose and character there is really no point to them. Walt Whitman is saying that therefore behavior is more 'effective' than anything else in the universe.