Behavioral Dismissals

Behavioral dismissals.
Granted with approval.
To overlook what a few do.
Depending upon who,
Has risen to excusable heights.
Of exclusive rights,
To dupe, trick and maim the truth.
And still remain proving,
Their activities to accept a doing done...
With criminal intent to implement treason.
Is considered to be,
No more than a childish prank.
That leaves the atmosphere clearly stenched.
Disregarded by others to condone,
This known to be witnessed...
Should be ignored.
Since 'children' seldom do with a seriousness,
To destroy and ruin what to them given.
With a havoc to create to mean it meant.

"What in hell are you kids doing? "

-Nothing much.
Just finding new ways to undo reality.
To have it the way we want it to be.-

That's a relief.
You all had me believing you had plans,
To burn down the entire house."

-Why would we want to just burn down,
Only one house? -

"For kicks.
I know how you 'kids' can be.
Anyone want popcorn? "

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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