It is cold, very cold
-I look for scaffold.

Super Moon looks reddish
-it is large, round, painting
-on canvas of sky, lazuli
-its easel loose, may fall.

Want to find some studs
-to keep Moon where belongs
-must remain to rotate and revolve…

Far below Horizon
-I can see four columns
-on them roof, inside, bench
-tiny are metal bars; wood on top.

One can sit, easily
-two lovers, squeezed.

There, sits fox,
-as see eyes!

Tightly coiled is fur tail
-like serpent around heir…

Suddenly dawns a face
-white skin, of cold pale
-flat bones, small nose
-oriental, eyes almond…
-appears some Venus…

She is shy like stars
-when the moon in sky
-is full and wears crown.

Humming bird I am and
-flap wings at rose-bud
-take kisses in dream
-then return what I rob
-in heaven, I command…

by Nassy Fesharaki

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Nassy, such a brilliant write...10++++