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Behind 4 Wallz
TT (3/27/89 / klamth falls OR)

Behind 4 Wallz

Tha screams of broken men crys of lost souls,
With fire runnin through their veins an hearts stone cold.
There is no presence of god between these concrete walls,
In here u got to do what u got to just to maintain,
Havin pleasure 4 a cauple seconds than its turns to pain.
For us time stops but lyfe keeps movin,
Knowin u got to keep playin da game even if seems like ur losin.
Havin all ur hopes an dreams turn to despair an nightmares,
While losin ur mind in a cell an seems like no one really cares.
These 4 walls get smaller every year,
an my hatred grows more bitter wit every unshed tear.
This is how most of us become men,
behind 4 walls knockin on da devils door but he wont even let us in. Stuck between heaven an hell,
wastin away behind 4 walls a concrete cell...

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