Behind Blue Eyes

What's the matter, I ask,
and looking back at me
pools of sadness in blue eyes
exposing the heart’s agony.
Four years old, and life should be
fun, full of love, and carefree.
Things have changed,
not for the best
loved ones departed
source of much unrest.
Tattooing this soul, with insecurity
dreams became nightmares
in the stark reality.
Hopes are dashed, tears gone dry
As the gnawing question asked
is always ‘Why? ’
I see the grief
and lonely despair
written on the face
I ache for it, I care.
Nothing I can do
‘cause the choice isn’t mine,
I just take it up in prayer
and hope in the Divine.
This child’s heart is broken
yet the words are unspoken.
Quieter, reserved, shy about life
Opposite from what things used to be
What a price for the sacrifice
caused from immaturity.

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I like your style of writing Ginny. Nice content, nice subjects. Love Ernestine XXX