(2/18/94 / some where in this universe muhahaha)

Behind Her Eyes

The pain she felt was behind her eyes
The eyes that were once the clear blue skys
Her face is clouded and dark
You can tell sorrow has left it's mark.

He left this pain in her face,
Left her clothed in faded lace,
He told her she wasn't worth it,
Wasn't worth the house he lit.

The pain was left with her, in her mind,
If you look past her eyes sorrows all you'll find.
She knew he'd do this, destroy her will to live,
She knew this would be all he would give.

The pain, she knows, will never pass,
It cuts through her like broken glass.
Her face is clouded and dark,
You can tell sorrow has left it's mark.

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WoW great poem keep it up: +)
Yeah sorrow does leave it's mark on some people and I love this poem it's moving.
wow! that was so moving...kid of depressing too...but really good