(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Behind Locked And Closed Doors

The very same dudes,
Who had accused me of being less than manly...
Are turning up with bloodied noses.
From activities they wish to keep 'down low'.
You know...
Discreet and off the streets.
As if to keep their deeds secret.

Those doors swinging open from closed closets,
Are producing havoc for 'straight' relationships.
And I had at one time been on the sidelines watching.
But experiences as they are and have been experienced...
I can only wish those the best of luck,
Who know the difference between being monogamous...
And those who are straight up whores,
Behind locked and closed doors.

'What is going on today? '

I can't tell.
They keep moving out of my focus.
And I need to get stronger binoculars.
Here take a peek.
Tell me what you see.

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