ANS (April 30th / New York)

Behind My Eyes

I used to be happy
I used to feel free
His shadow now holds a darkness inside of me
I used to see the good in life
But know I am so shattered inside
I feel so cold, my soul is lost for eternity
I see him every night still in my dreams
I hear his voice still crying out in pain for me
Behind my eyes he waits and sits so comfortably

I can never move on now from this darkness
He was my only light
Now I can never get close enough to anyone without him there
I can never let this heart re-open,
Now I fear to much
I watched him suffer night to night
I watched him fight forever it seemed for his life
Now he is just a memory behind my eyes
He's the wall that keeps eveyone forever out of my heart
Losing him ripped all of my humanity apart
Now alone I wait for some sanity in this life
I can no longer trust, I can no longer love
I've lost all faith in this world, in a supposed god above
Can I ever move on with my life,
Can I ever find some closure inside me
Untill I learn to let go, learn to feel some kind of love again
He sleeps behind my eyes so comfortably

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