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Behind Prism Walls
AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Behind Prism Walls

Behind Prism Walls
(Written With Anita Atina)
Bashing against the cushioned walls
A voice one but he hears, calls
Of his lovely prison
Bloodless agony escapes
The ecstasy that it rapes
Quiet lips
Sealed by death grips
Knowing that a blue sky waits yonder
Among the dark shadows one can ponder
With torn wings, a sinking ship
He sets his compass for a one way trip
Drowning in a bitter sea watching the breath of life
Carved from a bleeding heart with a homemade knife
Escape in pretty bubbles
Tiptoeing in a mind field of rubble
Waiting for the escape hatch to open
Because escape is better than hopin’
Knocking desperately at the door
Echoing despair through cracks on the floor
Escaping this lovely prison is easy
Close your eyes, your thoughts become breezy
When it’s cushioned and pretty
And your thinking is done by committee

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