Behind That Smile

behind that smile
there lies love,
unwavering, unswerving love.
there lies a melody
that turns over a new leaf.
there lies a story that's still neither written nor told.
there lies laughter
that awakens the happiness in me
there lies an alluring view
that satisfies my inspetion
there lies veracity
that no lie-detector can deny

behind that smile
there lies love,
unyielding, unremitting love.
there lies a poem
that caters the soul.
there lies a dream
that everyone hopes to unveil.
there lies harmony
that permits no sadness.
there lies a memento
that portrays no evanescence.
there lies a horizon
that i've been trying to reach.
behind that smile
there lie you

by Stella Sisanda Qishi

Comments (3)

wow thats so remarkable and its actually true what u r saying.gud poem!
A beautiful poem to have dedicated to one.
in front of that smile you were able to see all of the above... now that is cheesy!