Behind The Butterflies

Poem By Sam D xxooxxoo

whenever i see you
i cant get over your smile
the way you walk
like your floating on a breeze

the way you talk to me
and your eyes sparkle like diamonds
or stars shining bright
on a warm summers night

i want to hold you tight
protect you from the cold
from everything you fear
and be your only one

the way your hair glistens in the sun
the way you smell
even when you have just got back from a run
and all the stuff you do
makes me go crazy
insane in my own mind

your hand brushes mine
i quiver and shake
but its a good feeling
not bad but amazing infact

if i could only tell you
if only i could reach out
i want to speak out
but i just dont know how

i never thought i'd feel this way
i cant stop
dont want to stop
and i like it

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