JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)

Behind The Dark Door

'of cardio-vascular surgery'

Uncertainty coupled by trepidation.
'Aye, don't worry lad, its all done by
fookin' marrgic now! '
'No more open chest surgery.'

It's just like putting a patch on a
bicycle tube - only easier.
A stent placed in position via
the groin, or keyholed in. Voila!

'You speak from experience? '
'Nah, I saw it done on Google.'
'On Google you say? '
'Shyte, that's reassuring.'

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that unzipped some light laughter.....and it's only 3.20 am
Ye gods in hindsight I was SO wrong, and I have a zip-fastener scar to prove it!
Jerry always tells the truth behind the dark and mysterious doors!
Dear Jerry I've Googled both Jerry Hughes and Alison Cassidy......what I found is strength, beauty and love...aplenty...not to mention wonderful poetry, style and spirit in abundance......dance on, my friends...every precious beat a treasure..... Love and healing, D. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
This is so hilarious, although a sensitive subject. You have still got your sense of humour Jerry, which is the most important thing. Loved this one enormously. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
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