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I Know Nothing Of But Love

May be I'm a Dove,
May be a Poet I'm,
Not sure; yet, sure I damn,
I know nothing of but LOVE.

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that's many young girls and boys out for love. good one, betty.
Thanks for comenting guys :) please check out my other poems and let me know what you think of it ^_^
This poem is so true of some people. Sometimes I wonder if the so called 'happiest' people are really the most sad ones. I think lots of the famous comedians have sad pasts. Anyway, a ten for this poem. Sincerely, Connie Webb
Very good poem, I loved the flow and the rhthym.
WOW I Loved it No matter how sad or deeply hurt, she pretends as if there’s nothing wrong. So she always put her smile on, to prove that she is strong. But when she couldn’t bare the pain no more, the smile’s no where to be found. The frown finally came out of the door, but no comfort was around. This part Touched me soooooo deeply Thx alot for sharing it