Behind The Face


Like oceans hide within them,
These creatures can surface.
Like the MOON soothens us down,
And heat leaves without a trace.
Biding time they wait silently,
Before their time of race.
These mysteries smile so slyly,
Hidden behind a face.

Each coin has but two faces,
Though one at once we see.
They are meant to be together,
Yet.... so seperately.
In light as one half glows,
In darkness, the other be.
And seldom, we discover,
A face of reality.

It brings joy to many,
But can bring sorrow today,
A face that carries a smile
Always brings smiles along the way.
A laughter that is contageous,
That spreads from face to face,
The deapest sorrows are locked beneath,
And here they shall stay.

But no! We can't divide,
One face from the other face,
The weak lets the dark side dominate,
And so they loose their grace.
But never ever surrender,
Lets battle from the base.
Its only you who can decide,

Comments about Behind The Face

a very powerful write arshaj...full of meaning and
Arshaj, this is a superb piece of poetry, perfect rhymes, superb content! You are so right, we and only we can decide which face of ourselves we want to see and we want to show to the world! a 10 rating for this one~ Preets
Interesting write, Arshaj... very profound! Brian

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