Behind The Love

11 years old..smiles and laughter,
and the love from my mom.
13 years old..piano lessons,
white ghost, and the lost of my
gijoe doll.
14 years dies of the
big C, and the big man with the
house keys/step father, tells me,
his step son, to pack my stuff,
and find another planet.
16 years old....looks up the
word masterbation, learns to
swim, and finds hope in his
19 years old...says goodby to
his family, quits school, and
learns to steel, cheat, and lie,
21 years old..finds love and
learns to keep it safe from
sadness or harm.
AND all the christens say, amen.


Comments (2)

Hi David, This is really sad. I am sure if your talking about your own life but it really sad poem. Take care.
YEA! i think maybe you should call it love if the years lol i like it it's good!