Behind The Mirror

When you look at him,
Do you see me?
When you focus your eyes,
Do I smile at you?
Or do you turn away
From what is in view?

I came for you,
I wait for you.
It is dark out there,
But it's darker inside.
Come in with me here,
To that place you've denied.

That man in the mirror,
Does he frighten you?
With his sorrow so sweet,
His outlook so blue.
Can you stand it,
To look at me?
You see me, don't you?
I'm there in the mirror -
I know that you do.

When you turn down the lights,
When you close your eyes tight,
When you think its a dream,
Just a bump in the night.
I will claw out your heart,
I will tear it anew,
I will render your soul
With all that you rue.
Fear not the man in the mirror,
Because he is you.

Fear He Who Waits
Behind that man in the mirror,
And whatever you do,
You cannot ignore me.
I am waiting for you -
I won't go away -
Just behind you I watch;
I am going to stay.

I'll tell you a secret:
I'll make you accede;
The more that you languish,
The more that I feed.
Release all your sorrow,
Let flow your regret;
For the more you deny me,
The closer I get.

by Leinad Zerimar

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A perfect reason to let go and move forward. Thanks for sharing, Daniel. Peace