(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Behind The Times Of Those Times Changed

You have made the natural act of expressing it,
An impossibility.
And to address the effectiveness with sincerity,
Has left it pointless to confess.

You are closeted with your homosexuality.
And this prevents a brotherhood,
To be discussed openly.
As the man you should be is restricted...
Because of images upon your mind,
Willfully self-inflicted.

You alone condon your hangups,
With those weaknesses shown.
And your increased insecurities about the topic,
Makes those wonder...
If you hide inside something unknown.

Images of 'superman',
Stays magnetized to your hands...
As if scripted.
Since you want to appear free of femininity...
And dominately male,
In all of your relationships.

Those that prevail,
With a tolerance of your immature childishness.

Privately you suffer,
From a groundless identity.
And quick you are to blame this...
On being disadvantaged,
As a product of a poor and dysfunctional...

But you,
My brother...
Continue to seek with an endless solicitation,
Of like minds also confined...
With a trying to define themselves,
Behind the times of those times changed!
Behind those times...
An evolution has come to re-arrange.

And the evidence is there,
For all to witness it!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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