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Behind The Veil
AJ ( / Detroit, MI)

Behind The Veil

Through a thin veil
There is a light
That is so pure
That is so white
It makes a sound
The sound of chimes
Sweet, peaceful chimes
Their ringing sound
Vibrates the air
Causing the veil
To softly sway
Like ocean waves
And with one hand
My finger tips
Reach out to touch
The thin, white veil
I am so drawn
Drawn to the light
My heart is aching
My mind is racing
But still the veil
Remains in place
Can never move
Unless my mind's
No longer frightened
Unless my mind
Becomes enlightened
With all my being
Forever more
Becomes forever
Part of that light
That cleansing light
That's plainly seen
That's never pale
That eternally shines
Behind the veil


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Comments (2)

Anyone that experiences the LIGHT OF SALVATION will never be blind again. In Christian religion we call it BEING BORN AGAIN, Your spirit is transformed completely and you experience absolute peace. A lovely poem written with insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Great poem. Rich in imagery and style. Wonderfully conceived. Liked it. I rated it 10/10. Please read and write my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2.