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Behind The Waterfall

Words tumble
Pushing back
Driving back
Washing away.

Fling the words in front of me
As they spill from obtuse thought,
A barrage on the senses of
Any who try and follow where I have gone.

Letters form the blades of steel
That defends me from the world,
Honed and sharp, swift and fast,
They’ll cut you to the heart
Parade it round the streets,
Skewered beating to a post
And left to be picked apart.

Only if you get too close,
Only if you get too close to what I have to hide,
Sugar sweet and sinful.

Peel back the sugar coating,
That crisp sweet outer shell,
Hides what’s on the inside,
What is on the inside?
What is on the inside?
Cowering from sight,
I lie on the inside
Naked in the light.

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