TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)

Behind These Dark Blue Eyes

I lock my tears away
And pretend I'm fine
You see the blood on the carpet
But you'll never know its mine
No one ever will
I will never tell
Can you see your killing me
Or do I hide it too well
Do you notice my tears
Do you even know I cry
I think I hide it pretty well
Behind my dark blue eyes

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Comments (2)

Gosh, another gem of a poem. I really respect you so very much, your commitment to honesty and your heartfelt sorrows, all so artfully displayed without inhibition. You have taught me some important lessons in your first 30 poems from this current list, and I want to thank you from my heart for these sublime and yet wondrous gifts of truth, sorrow, and occasional salvation in a Lovers arms. I look forward to my next session with your poetry. sincerely, jon alan
This person wears a mask also, what a shame actually. We really should try to show our real feelings to others. Very good poem, thankyou--Melvina--