Behind This Wall

Poem By Katie Spencer

I thought we were friends
But we both knew this would never last
Behind this wall are all the good times
The times you made me laugh
I wish we could go back to that
But we both know that could never happen
Behind this wall is all the laughter
You would always have a joke to tell
But then you went and stabbed me in the back
Behind this wall are all the dreams we had for our future
I trusted you
You used me
Now I’m empty inside
I wish I could go back behind that wall

Comments about Behind This Wall

wow... reading this was just grate. I'm embarrassed to say that I did somthing like this. And the only words I'v got to say to the girls I'v hurt is that. I'm sorry for everthing I said or did. I hope you keep on writeing. 'write on'

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