(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Behind Tinted Windows

They had said they were riding,
Behind tinted windows.
And waving to me...
As I walked along the street.

I did hear horns honking.
But I did not separate,
One horn meant for me.
Between sirens whizzing by...
And folks talking as loud as could be,
I was out to enjoy my stroll...
Not seeking a familiarity,
Under every nook and cranny!
Looking through faces,
For anyone I knew!
To chance I might meet...
An opportunity to disturb my peace!

They had the nerve to say,
They were behind tinted windows.
And honked and waved at me!
Then began rumors,
I was stuck up!
An ungrateful and egotistical,
And an undeserving s.o.b.

At least they could have stopped,
So I could add spice to the slander.
Incite my own defamation!
Leave them with much attitude...
To prove to them I do agree!

I am determine to keep,
My peace with me!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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