LC (Friday 16th October 1987 / Alexander Hospital, Redditch.)

Behind Tired Eyes

The restless soul of a well worn youth,
Storms of rage at those who waste,
The waves of love that come crashing down on unsuspecting people,
It all lies behind tired eyes.
The knowlege of generations past,
Emotions and memories that should live on forever,
But will eventually die,
It all lies behind tired eyes.
Storms of rage, waves of love,
None of this was ever enough,
Because behind tired eyes lies a saddness that no one will remember,
Lying and cheating left these tired eyes all alone,
No one to care what happens and where,
It al lies behind tired eyes that cheated,
And now must wait,
Untill those tired eyes,
Finaly close,
Blotting out what no one else will ever know.

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To attempt to write a poem and not know how to spell the simple word tired is beyond me. Do you think a spellchecker may help? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? H