Behind What You Can See...My Hypocrisy

If I could only tell how much I've being hurt...
So much has happened, one event after the other,
So young I was when I realized how much of abuse I suffered,
Lucky my body and health that nothing seems to ever had happened,
I've survived it all, carried away by so many blessings,
ended up learning how to fake a smile.
So often they say, how lucky I am, to get whatever I want.

And so much I've practiced, that people can't even imagine,
How hurt my heart and soul are carried by heavy pain, by little things,
one over another, so weak I am, and so strongly built,
Is this mask I wear. Ask all around, search my name, my past,
my present, none to know how hurt and tired I truly am.
Tired of running, escaping from danger, of suffering quietly,
hiding the pain and my tears, so to others I can give the best,
My powerful strength. Spreading hope, words of faith and example
of how to survive and succeed, helping people with words of comfort, holding their problems and giving out solutions so they can happily satisfy their earthy desires.

But none to hold my trust, as no place for my heart is safe...
As I live on a planet where values are misconceptions, all that I care for, no money can buy, and that's all that they seem to care,
a piece of paper...

And here I am, on earth to learn, hoping to, my best behave,
So maybe one day, I might find paradise, and let my heart rest,
with trust, love, compassion and Peace.

by Blue Angel

Comments (3)

there is always hope and light at the end of the tunnel, Blue Angel..just spread your love and affection and the rest will be history..Find someone who truly have an ear to listen and a heart to feel what you feel.. sending my love and hugs to you, Meggie
A good write we can all identify with Blue Angel but remember, what doesn't kill us, makes us all the more stronger to wear that mask. Smiling at you, Aciiiiiiiiid Test
deep girl... DEEP.. really amazing