(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Behinds Behind The Times

Time has arrived,
To personalize and recapture...
One's faith with it taken,
To walk in it and not fake.
And come from behind,
The many following blindly...
Behinds behind the times.
Hanging onto yesterdays gone.
Hoping with resentment,
Their outdated stagnant wishes...
Remain unchanged to satisfy,
What no longer has stayed t belong.

Following quacks either drugged on crack,
Or just whacked out of their minds.
Has not proven beneficial,
To validate what stinks...
As a quality of life to celebrate.
Nor can it be observed,
Public displays of appreciation.
Expressed deserving by anyone.

Awakening today,
Should be motivation enough.
To avoid following behind,
Those too blind not to see for themselves...
What they have allowed to exist,
That permits dishonesty and disrespect...
Continue to be accepted as part of their lives.
With this infestation to affect,
Others as if to tolerate and expect.
This is not a standard,
To adopt or adapt to value.

Time has arrived to have it realized,
Negativity to invest produces negativity to get.
And accepting this to follow,
Behind behinds with minds blinded by it...
Only returns dividends of remorse to endorse.
And feelings of unnecessary guilt.
To enforce upon others to express forgiveness.
For what was meant with intention to do.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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