JC (February 8,1985 / Fort Myers, FL)

Behold, A Bathroom!

When most people think of the bathroom,
bodily funtions come to mind.
But alas, it is more then just a place
for one to puke, piss, or...deficate! !
Solace can be sought,
and time given to thought,
when one takes a load off in the bathroom.
One of the greatest things
of which I have heard
came to the unlikely genius
as he dropped a turd!
As a matter of fact,
the bathroom's where I'm at
as I write in attempt to entertain you.
Who needs a library when I've got
a book, a newspaper,
toothpaste or aspirin container,
and my own imagination to go to new worlds.
Indeed, many a time in thought I've been lost
because the call of nature did not allow my legs crossed,
and I had to pay visit to
'The Little Girl's Room'.
So the next time you're bored
or have some thinking to do,
remember a place less adored.
Behold, a bathroom!

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