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Behold… A Marvelous Game! !
VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

Behold… A Marvelous Game! !

When at the end of the day
As the light seems to fade
When eternity meets eternity
As the endless earth meets the endless sky
And all their differences disappear
As the horizon is dispersed at the set of dusk
As two worlds so different, combine into one
No distinction, no discriminator
To state that both are opposites
One in land and the other is space
But both diffuse into one at this place
One world that is made of two
So very different things
If the horizon is the end
Then this is the beginning
Of two worlds so entirely different
Yet so strikingly same
Of two worlds that please the mind
As they play this marvelous game.

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Comments (5)

Good imagery....good poem
there are writers /poet, who have this style, the problem is it throws some peaple off, still not a bad poem............
this is really good. i like the imagery of poem.
it wasn't really that intentional...but yeah i was aware of it as it came out...i never thought that it was the speciality of the poem though! ! Thanx for pointing out! ! LuV VidZ
Good poem; I like the repetition of the 'd' sound. I suppose it was intentional?