Beholden To David

An honor I’ve never know was recently given.
I am most flattered and much humbled.
A gift I never aspired too,
Nor thought I would er be presented

It was given quietly and over a time not measured.
It was given most freely and with an honest heart.
In the dawning moment I faltered.
In what way have I become worthy?

The honor follows me from dawn to dusk.
It climbs stairs beside me and lies in bed with me at night.
Not burdensome, but considerable, quiet, unassuming.

It is too pure and desired to describe.
Yet noteworthy in a way few but two can know.
To share its name would betray the spirit of the gift.
Affection hitherto never known.

Hallmark makes no card.
Emily has no steadfast rule.
But my regard must be known.
I am most beholden for my fuzzy, pink, teddy bear.

by Joseph Camphouse

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