$ Beholding The Faith $

Poem By Marvin Brato Sr

Amazed by the wonders in life
I am mesmerize by its beauty
Mysterious as it is fathomless
The many facets of existence.

Life must be a masterpiece
Of Divinity by a Supreme Being
Who has great power and infinity
With a heart overflowing with love.

I believe that there is God
An Omnipotent Soul and Creator
Of an everlasting master plan
The life that I and you enjoy.

Everybody succumbs to sin
For we are beings cast in man
In the likeness of His image
Made pure but with freed conscience.

Faith in God
Is the only strength to behold
Yet it all depend on every individual
To stand by Him or not.

We have the freedom
To grasp evil or worship good
Man as we are all weak
Only by Faith in God that we become strong.

Comments about $ Beholding The Faith $

Only by Faith in God that we become strong. And i say amen and amen to this.A nice inspirational write, friendship

2,7 out of 5
116 total ratings

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