Being A Judge

Being a judge

What are judge, judgement and the justice?
It has been, and remains the question.
Who looks and who observes?
What is book, and purpose?
Microscope, telescope?
A national intention?
Is it God of a faith?

I am cork in ocean, no comment.

But this is USA’s:
Each justice or the judge shall take oath
It is must:
“Solemnly I swear (or affirm)
In justice; I treat everyone equal
Poor, with wealth
Faithfully, impartial
And perform duties incumbent upon me…
Help me God.”

I question: “Honestly, is it right? ”
I am sure ‘not always’.
(Look at Johar who is not related to Tsar,)
First, his name in writing
Second, his origin
Why he did what he did?
Court remains ignorant.
No one asks.

What we know is his words:
'I am sorry for the lives…I have caused or have done.”
Then he adds:
'I prayed for Allah to bestow his mercy upon…” all.
A sort of preaching:
“Allah says in the Quran…” relief comes with hardship “I pray” for relief.

Look at judge who swore and took oath:
'Whenever” comes your name you “will be remembered” as evil.
And goes on:
“You did it on purpose.'
No one asked: “What purpose? ”

by Nassy Fesharaki

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