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Being A Snail ....... [snails; From The Snail's 'Mouth'; Wisdom; A Touch Of Humour/Humor]

Please don’t confuse me with my cousin “Slug”,
and never, no never dare.....to call me a bug!
I’m a SNAIL, and proud to show off my shell,
and if you don’t like it, you can go to Hell! !

Oh, forgive me for what I just “had to say”.
I may be slow, but sometimes I must have my way!

Do you ever wonder what life’s like as a snail,
when across a sidewalk slab you spy my shiny trail?
I hope you’re not one of “those” who’s in a rush,
who, under your heavy feet, my snail-friends crush.

Sure, we may be found on a garden flower or two,
but believe me, we’re just eating fungus, or drinking dew.
We may not be pretty and we may sure be slow,
but we’re steady as clockwork, as the next stanza will show.

Why, none other than the U.S. Postal Service chose the snail......
to be its mascot. I suppose you’ve heard by now......of “Snail Mail”.

(April 16,2014)

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I'm sure I just had a funny conversation with a snail. No wait...it was another of Bri's awesome poems tricking me again. But now, how can I continue with my favourite hobby of stomping on snails in the dark when it rains. Perhaps I'll set up a retirement home for them instead...
Our snails would get along if they met because they both chide us human for as I put it in my poem A FRIENDLY GIANT... CARELESS OF HIS FOOTSTEPS.Our poems took an opposite path to the same destination: in mine only the human speaks, and in yours only the snail, but in both a degree of mutual respect is achieved. Hurray for small victories!
I've never been too fond of snails. Although like Eugene below, I actually ate one once. Wasn't too crazy about that one either. Your poem was cute and gave me a new perspective on the life of a snail.: -)
Well, I just dis-forgot that I, too, worked for the USPS - during college X-mas vacations - the Night Shift at the main NYC post office! And I LIKE snails - especially as made in Burgundy - Escargots à la bourguignonne - and also Escargots à la bordelaise - Bordeaux style! You should try them!
I think I am doomed to hell as I don't like snails! .... In fact it is the one creature that I detest to see and feel... Its slimy body and the trail it leaves are so repulsive.... More than ever, it destroys....eats away my orchid flowers! So yucky....! Interesting write! !
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