ME (09-09-59 / Illinois)

Being A Woman

Oh, for me to get 'ready
Being a female and all
Is sometimes a hassle
And sometimes a thrill.

It is work, you know!
The long, hot bubble baths
Are my favorite though...
I love to make my skin glow!

It is my hair
That takes the time
At least that is true
For this hair of mine!
always in an awful rush...

Turning into a comical race
Darting from room to room
At a very fast pace.

Picky about my hair
Looking nice all day
Sometimes using
A whole darn can
Of scented hair spray!

It sticks out on a humid day
Or just lies dormant
Flopping it's own stubborn way
But oh! It curs...
On a suuny warm day.

Making sure my tiny clothes fit
After eating half a pan
Of my homebaked, gooey butter cake
Is a big mistake!

So I diet and eat
Corn on the cob with gobs of butter
Till I near blow a gasket
Not to mention I eat
The whole darn basket!

Ha! I have a real paying job
But sometimes I really feel like a slob
Yet, I don't worry abuot being a woman
It is my favorite job!
Michelle Ann Eppel 2004

by michelle eppel

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