BB (1st January 1969 / New Delhi)

Being Alone 1

Sitting on an uncomfortable chair,
I just look around,
My things still remain untouched and uncared for.
There is pain in the heart.
It makes me cry and I close my eyes.
It just tears me apart and leave cold.
I can feel something
A damp feeling penetrating my body
I can still smell yesterday around me
Wondering was it bad or good
My papers carry yesterday on them.
The last day’s ink.
I think of nothing.
My mind goes blank
With the last night’s sleep I start to work
I tell myself
Escape is there
If only you want
From this and everything around
Close your eyes and start with a dream

Copyright © 2006, Bindu Borle

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Comments (3)

Sometime such trying moments do come. But nothing should be taken deep into the heart, which may affect the heart in the long run.
You elicit much empathy through your conveyance. Rise up poet warrior and implement change. All of us are suffering, this is a condition of life. We are helpless yet we are powerful in our expression.....the great question is how do we use our power to change our condition? You hold the answer in your works.
O Dreams precious no matter what happens always the dream to carry us forward to the time when matters will transform into joy a fine poem