(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Being Amongst The Stars

Too many have stars 'in' their eyes.
And not discipline in their minds,
To acquire an appreciation to value sacrifice.
Or a devotion it takes to make each step,
Being amongst the stars...
A place that is reserved and deserving,
For those who have earned their positions.
And not too often do those enduring pain alone,
Have confessed a desire for an attention to get.

Few who sweat and toil to achieve a shining done,
Are not the ones fantasizing to do and spend...
Their entire lives wishing and hoping,
For a ship on the horizon within their vision...
Appearing to come closer towards them.
And without noticeable efforts endeavored to do,
The crew on the ship...
Quickly disembark to carry such dreamers.
With a doing it swiftly to put them on it.

Too many have stars 'in' their eyes.
And comforts wished.
To skip and overlook the details,
That success cements...
With patience and tolerance rewarding,
The best of what is presented.
And not medicority to pass as greatness.
Nothing great sustains a maintained light,
That shines bright to forever glow.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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