Being And Time

Being and time is the fundamental reality
Of our being human, for our being
Is some irrational facticity that we are
Who we are, what we are and where we are.
This is what we know
At the very first instance of our consciousness:
Why? That is a mystery our rationality
Cannot penetrate, we can only guess
And dig deep into ourselves and
Discern what is in our highest interest.

The other imponderable factual reality
Is that we are in time,
A super-sensous reality where we are
That moves where it will
Thrusting us into a matrix
Of possibilities that glory be
Are given facticity and power
By the conjunction
Of our being and our time
That yields forth a myriad of ‘either-ors’
That we either nonchalantly allow
Ourselves to be sucked into
The turbulence of the powers that be;
Or, yield to the voices of our better angels,
And be gifted with the courage to be that gives
Our being both the essence and courage
To redeem the time for
A purer crystallization of what
Justice, truth, and love are
And thus of what authentic human being is.

Levi V. Oracion
June 13,2015

by Levi Oracion

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A valiant effort, Levi. A time honored tradition of the intellectual is to ponder existence and time. Thanks for sharing