Being Botoxed

As of yet,
No one has come forward...
To admit and take the credit,
With produced...
And effective evidence,
That proves...
A truth to hear it delivered,
From podiums scented...
By exquisite,
Floral arrangements...
Designed far and near.
Are just props to stage...
Someone awaiting,
For their face to stay...
Fixed in one place.
After being botoxed.

No one has of yet,
Can claim of having evidence...
That the use of botox...
Is the key that releases,
To set free delusion.
With a giving to it,
Unquestionable credibility.

'Those words.
I've heard before to ignore.
But this time...
I find them,
Absolutely intriguing.'

-Why? Why is that? -

'That smile.
With honesty affixed.
I can be sold B.S.
As if with me it belongs.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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