(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Being Cynical

Anyone who strategically can keep,
From being pulled into an emotional Abyss these days...
Has to have read,
The latest book release by Jesus.

'Jesus has a new book out?
I didn't know that.
What's it called? '

How I Survived,
From Being Crucified...Again!

'I'd like to read that myself.
Where can I buy it? '

I'm being cynical.

'After He has already paid,
The ultimate price.
Paying for all our sins?
He wouldn't appreciate you,
Remaining to say you are 'Christian'.
That's hypocritical.'

Jesus Christ!
I'm being cynical.

'I know.
I heard you even admit to it.
And you expect,
To be accepted in Heaven?
You've got a lot of work to do,
My brutha.
Then you have the nerve,
To shout out Jesus Christ!
As if that's going to help you now.
You take a lot for granted.
Don't you? '

You totally misunderstand my point.

'That is for God to decide.
If it was up to me,
You wouldn't get a pass at all.
You'd be sent straight to hell.'

Forget it.
I'm sorry I brought it up.

'Don't apologize to me.
Hopefully God will know,
I have nothing to do...
With influencing your beliefs.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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