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Being ~different~
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Being ~different~

Poem By Mary Nagy

The past, it may be over
but is it really changed?
I wish I could forget it
but my life's still rearranged.

I'm always told I'm 'different'.
There are things I just won't do.
These things that make me strange to them
I owe them all to you.

Because of how you were then
I swore I'd never be.
Somehow I lost myself in this
although I'm finally free.

I won't even look at alcohol.
Oh gosh, no way...no how!
My kids will never see me drunk.
Not later and not now!

You'll never hear a curse word
be uttered from my lips.
Although I may be thinking them
while my hands are on my hips!

I seem like such a nut case
to all who don't know why.
I don't waste time explaining...
I couldn't even try.

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Comments (17)

Obviously, being 'different' isn't necessarily a bad thing. Nice point to the ending... well done, Mary! Brian
So many times in your poems, your soul is laid bare. This poem and several others tell it all - the unhappiness, and the determination not to be the same way, and the struggle to get to that point. From the school of been there. done that you write, right on target. Linda
Wonderful... does the past really change or does it become full circle? Great, love it Patricia
I love you for the way you are.Sharing so much of yourself. Where else could we find this Your A Star...Love Duncan
Mary, I can see some of myself in this poem. You make the reader think about the past...does it really change or do we just forget? You know? Good job. Meredith