Being Humane!

I don't think I was what we call humane,
But trying to be,
Not quite certain,
If I can touch that star, let's see.

Wasted priceless moments doing things unexpected,
I wish I could wind them back,
Going for a new start ahead,
But thank god mending is still possible to make.

Have you seen humanity?
Does it dwell nearby?
I have been searching for it badly,
Please let me know if you meet it, I'll be its ally.

I don't see its face in the war fields,
Absent next to a child waiting to die of malnourishment,
Ironically some take pride in beautifying homelands!
When thousands turn out to be destitute and despondent.

I know that I don't have that celestial light,
Yet I have faith in the Almighty,
That my endeavour shall lead me towards it,
Turning me even if slightly into "A Farewell to Arms'" Henry.

by Md. Ziaul Haque

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Well composed poem t being humane..showing kindness is godliness thank you