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Being Humble And Innocent
( / Connecticut)

Being Humble And Innocent

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

If people are heard to excuse,
Every thoughtless and ungrateful...
Thing done to others.
There is not too much they have earned,
With it to learn...
That a taking responsibility,
For their own actions.
To do and not place blame.
Can prevent it done to prove,
The ones appearing meek and weak...
Have their allies prepared to defend them.
Shown to make known.

And when one's choice is to escalate,
Their misdeeds to initiate to purposely...
Perpetrate to perpetuate them.
To satisfy their selfishness to bait.
It becomes too late to then pretend,
Being humble and innocent...
Had been one's reason to express ignorance.
24/7 for decades!

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