So Should I

Poem By Naseeru Taneemu Annuree

if love is meant to be this magicle thing that warm's you in ever way why is it so hard when you do find
it yeah there's happy time's but if it's love there should only be happy time's should'nt there be?
and everthing should just come together perfectly without any whole's, it should be a perfect puzzle with no messing pieace's, it should be a painting that has so smugge's, it should be PERFECT! but it's not but i think that's what make's it love beacuse you have to work at it to make it perfect beacuse if it was just all rainbow's and rose's it would'nt be that great beacuse i think to much perfect is not good it
would'nt be any thing speacle beacuse it would'nt be your love it would be just like every one else's beacuse
in order for it to be good for you you would have to help make it and make it your's and diffirent from
everone else's but i guess everyone's outlook on love is diffirent and to a point i agree but to me love is
love and its something that is speacle and you're going to injoy it but you're going to have to work on it and make it what you want it to be what you have been looking for what you thought it was what you alway's
dreamed it would be what you're fairy tale ending looked like and yes it's going to take some time to get it just right but in the end its all worth it and will just keep geting better and better but of course you're going to have some step back's and a few problem's here and there but as time goes by you're love is alot stranger and can take alot more stragles and bumps in the road and they are much more easier to patch up and as time goes on you will get more and more trust in that person then you did the day before but in the beging there's always going to be some trust issues and you're love will help you get over them and over come them and if in the beging you don't think you can get over it or get past them just give
it some time and im sure they will work them self's out beacuse love help's over come everything and anything, love is this feeling that can't be put into words no matter how hard you try and if you can put it into word that means its not real love beacuse real love leaves you speechless and in you're own little world that you never want to leave it give's you a tingleing feeling all over that makes you smile every minute
of everyday and make's you want to tell everyone you knwo that your head over heal's in love and and it make's you want to scream it out loud to everyone that will listen and even so loud iif they did'nt want to they would have too beacuse love make's you do crazy stuff but its ok beacuse all the crazy stuff you do all makes perfect sence well atleast it does to you but of course there will be times you will question your love that's just how it work's just dont give up on it beacuse those feeling's will go away just give it some time and you will realize it's worth all the emotion's you go through and all the tears you cry beacuse there's nothing else in the world that gives you the same feelings as love does nothing even comes close beacuse
once you find true love you will know the diffinece between puppy love and take your breath away and leave's you speechless kindda love and you dont know what love is intel you can look in that person's eye's and in a instent just know you want to spend the rest of you're life with that person and nobody even come's close to the way that person makes you feel inside and out and you know that saying your like two peas in a pod that saying makes so much more sence when you feel that way about the person your with beacuse that is a great feeling when you know what that person is thinking or about to sat even before they say it....................

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